What is Face Yoga?

The Face Yoga Method is a save and natural holistic approach to control aging.

Face Yoga focuses on a combination of face exercises, face massage, face acupressure and face and body alignment and relaxation.


  • Reduces lines and wrinkles in your face and neck area

  • Reduces puffiness

  • Prevents and reduces double chin

  • Decreases deep facial folds

  • Stimulates blood circulation in your face

  • Supports facial corrections such as gummy smile, asymmetrical eyes and mouth area

  • Lifts droopy eyelids

  • Releasing tensions in your body and face

How does it work?
Your body and face are connected to your mind, heart and soul.
Muscles are the foundation of the skin. When you exercise the muscles of your face they get tight and firm resulting in nicer skin and a more sculpted face lines.
The Face Yoga Method can be practiced and combined with other facial treatments.

When can I do it?
All these can be done in a few minutes in front of a mirror, your car, or wherever you want. It is not about the length of your practice but about the consistency.  I can help you to include your poses in your daily life, have fun, feel the changes and see the difference.

Who can do it?
Everybody can do it! Your age or fitness level don't matter!
You don’t need to take off your make up or wash your face before doing facial exercises.
Face yoga is a safe treatment, however, if you have any health issues or if you feel pain or extreme discomfort, stop practicing and if needed, seek the opinion of a medical professional.

Face Yoga will give you a more youthful appearance and build up your overall sense of well-being. We are turning back the clock, but also helping you feel more centered and confident.


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